Friday, March 2, 2012

To Whom Shoud I Speak Today

To Whom Shoud I Speak Today

To Whom Shoud I Speak Today is written by Eric Peet. The poem tells about someone who has been experiencing such sorrow ,yet ,he does not know to whom should he speak, to whom should throw up all his regrets, to whom should he confine himself for the brutal acts he had done before.he cnsiders evryone as brothers but the irony is that these brothers does the otherwise from what a brother normally does. And that love dos not exist anymore among his former fellows. He had also suggests from the poem that many fellow today ransacks each of his fellow's life, and there no place for such brotherly love. Love has faded away and what is left is brutality. He also adds that men do not as they were done by nowadays, this implies that people change over a period of time but this change is unlikely for the better and thus, sugests the otherwise. Moreover, he expresses that most of the people are not to be trusted with. And that everyone cannot be relied , and we cannot hold or lean on to anybody in this time. And a 'righteous' fellow does not exist anymore, and what lives in their land are evil doers. And on the last part he suggests that sorrows are to be said betterly to a stranger. He considers strangers as his avenue for his discomforts to breath out and release.

In terms of structure, the poem's tone is of misery, discomforts, and filled with heartaches. As I was reading the poem, I was drawing out a picture in my thoughts of a fellow with firearms , and was eventually caught in the post-partum graveyard or the remains of a war. He expresses the thougt that they are men of violence, they do not consider their brothers in this mundane. But afterall, he is filled with regrets and he nags to himself with the thought that to whom should confine his agonies given that he could trust no one. I can feel the sincerity of the speaker. The constant repetition of to whom should I speak today, is method of foregroundin and he wants to give an emphasis to that idea. The latter statement gives the conclusion that the speaker's soul is in between anger and depression. The words he used are simple, yet, suggest a very deep and substantive thoughts that could let every reader feel the way he feels though his emotions were not provocatively expressed. There is a sense of parallelism in the poem and what we could note from the constant and equidistant positions of the foregrounded idea.

From the poem, I could say that there is always a time that everybody Is caught between depression and inner conflict from within. People in different walks of life have different struggles. And what we should always expect from the different chapters of our life. We may have comrades as we begin our journey and sometimes we have to realize that there are certain people who are meant to stay in our hearts but not in our lives. This implies that people are not always be relied on, perhaps, be somehow trusted, but this could not endure forever. Like any other people, he experienced loneliness, betrayal, misery, and other negative feelings that one would experience in a war, and so we do. We are often stuggling with an inner battle, and sometimes we are left in the warzone with no one to trust with. We do not know who are our allies, and we do not what would happen next. The only thing we can do is internalization- a reflection of what are through. However, the poem suggests that is likely better to confine your discomforts to strangers.

Actually, I have gone to deep thinking with this matter even before I have read this poem. It always linger in my mind, and I am in the thought that aggrees with that. Yes, I often that feel that way when I am deep misery and I could feel that I couldn't depend to anybody. I feel so alone, and i'm afraid of confining my problems with the people around me for they might condemn me for my regrets. Often, I would prefer to talk with stangers because somehow i'm opening my doors for a new perspective. Nevertheless, these strangers may not know my story but at least they could relate to it and make resolutions to what i'm going through.

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